Facebook’s “fake name” reporting option may seem like a small issue, but it’s discriminatory and dangerous for many, including transgender people, Native Americans, survivors of domestic violence, and countless others. We may not always like it, but the reality is that Facebook is the place many of us turn for news and community—and being unfairly exposed or cut off online can have serious consequences in real life too. Please join us in protesting this policy by taking 3 simple actions:

1. Protest at Facebook’s HQ

Join us on Monday, June 1 outside the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, as we raise a ruckus and demand an end to this obsolete policy.

2. Sign the Petition: #NoPrideForFacebook

Given that this policy disproportionately affects trans* and queer people, we’re asking the SF and NYC Pride parades to ban Facebook from marching unless it reverses its policy.

3. Share Your Story

Help us show Facebook, the media, and the world that this is an issue that affects us all! We’re especially looking for stories from people who are not performers, and for people who are willing to share your stories publicly.

And of course, share this page to help spread the word!