I was first disabled in early 2014, and I refused to send any ID but eventually figured there was no other way to get it back, so I did and got it restored immediately. However at the end of the year, I was disabled again, this time sending the ID didn’t work. No explanation, no response whatsoever except the generic pre-written messages.

I used my real name, but FB doesn’t accept it as such even though it’s on my IDs. Presumably FB has a “blacklist” of disallowed names and there are other people who use my name as a fake name. I think FB rejecting unusual REAL names is just as big a problem as for those who use pseudonyms.

I even know who reported me, it was a troll who used a fake name himself, though he still has his account, unlike me. It seems utterly arbitrary which accounts they give the option to change name, and which they just disable completely. It could also be that because I recently moved, my ID is from another country than the one I live in. With no explanation whatsoever, how could I know?

FB is my only way to contact many of my friends, and I bet they are really wondering what happened to me and if I’ll ever be back now, though I’ve made attempts to reach at least some of them. I’m also the admin in several groups, and contribute to many others to a great extent, and making a new account is not an option – in fact, when I did, it got disabled immediately without even the option to appeal it.

[updated 6/22/15 to remove name of user]