I was adopted when I was 9 years old against my wishes. My name was changed without my permission or input. I refuse to use the adoptive name given to me on any public forum or social media page due to the fact that I had an abusive step father and I do not want that man attached to my life.

In between, trying to find out who I was and where I belong, I was given the name Boogie. For many years, my friends and my family that I still talk to, refer to me as Boogie. I record and produce music and everyone I have met knows me as Boogie. I despise the name given to me such that when my wife and I got married, I made her keep her last name. I have gone as far as making my official signature to read Boogie.

Names are given but, we don’t have to like them. The name I was given has zero meaning to me. For Facebook to force me to use my “real name” brings back awful memories of abuse. I cannot use my actual birth name nor the name that everyone knows me as. Social media should be where you can be yourself, not somewhere that you are forced to be someone you are not.

Lakewood, OH