Facebook made me change my name. I sent them this response:

Hello. I an a retired peace officer (San Francisco Sheriff’s Department). I have had credible death threats by a convicted murderer because of my involvement with her incarceration. For reasons of personal safety I NEVER put my actual last name on Facebook. When I signed up for Facebook in 2008 I used the last name “xxxxxxx”. I am part of a 501c3 queer community organization and am well known in that community by my Facebook name. It is outrageous that Facebook is challenging my name. To post my actual last name makes it easier for convicted murderer xxx xxxxxx or her family (a well know drug syndicate family in the SF Bay Area) to find me and kill me. After retiring two years ago I moved from SF to Los Angeles in part to put distance between myself and criminals that know me. Shame on you all for this unacceptable name policy of yours.

Thanks to the #MyNameIs campaign, Facebook restored my name. I was disheartened to see that Facebook continues its policy of challenging peoples names after saying this “real name” nonsense would stop. Facebook’s name policy is dangerous and disrespectful.