I was raised by parents who were both addicts. I survived a childhood full of physical and sexual abuse and spent many years with them dragging me all over the country hiding. As a grown woman I created a community and new family based solely around the person I had become. I am a performer, a producer, a mother. In all aspects of my life, people know me because of what I do. I am proud of the life I have created and live everyday bettering my community by helping support local organizations. I am not an abuser, I am not using social media as a way to create chaos for anyone, and yet I was locked out of my account for nearly 2 months all because I do not associate with my legal name.

After years of creating a life that excludes my legal family because of abuse, my legal name was excluded as a way to protect myself, and my children, from them. To protect myself from having the man who sexually assaulted me as an adult from finding me, a way to protect my family from my biological family finding them, and a way for me to connect with an identity I am proud of.

Not who I was but who I am.