My screen name since 2010 when I joined Facebook has been Xxx Xxxxx. It’s based on a nickname and my husband’s business name (which is part of my email address). I had tried other names, but they were rejected. However, I was not going to use my real name and I had actually avoided Facebook until then because it’s not safe to have my real name where the public—specifically my stalker—might get to it.

Recently, I was forced to give Facebook my legal information, which I did, including my Address Confidentiality government-issued card so that they would realize that I really did need to keep my Xxx name for safety reasons, despite having given them my legal information. After all, it said that if I gave them a government issued card, they would not change it. But change it they did, back to my legal name. So, I put in an appeal to have it changed back, including a message explaining that I have a dangerous stalker and that’s why I’m in the Address Confidentiality Program and that he’s used computer information in the past to try to find me. (In fact, blocking his name on Facebook would do me no good, since in the past he’s used the accounts of others in his family to try to find me. For example, I once had to get both his and his mother’s email accounts stopped because of his harassment.) He is a serious danger to me and he’s actually one of the reasons that there is an anti-stalking law in my state. I keep my current account’s FB settings as tight as FB allows. However, there are times when I worry that FB will change them without my permission, as they seem to do.