I haven’t been reported yet. But my activism for social issues (anti-racism, LGBTQ equality, etc.) has cost me job offers, got me fired once and I receive regular threats from individuals and organisations on Facebook who openly post swastikas and other hate speech on their profiles. Reporting them is nigh useless as the Dutch speaking world is in absolute denial about these issues and 80% of the Dutch see no issue with certain forms of blatant hate speech/racism at all. Until Facebook screens their staff for such sentiments and lives up to their many promises in this area, a real name policy seems like kicking the puppy for fouling on the carpet while a horde of elephants gets to dump everywhere unimpeded.

Using my legal name (I’m actually better known by the name I use, it’s my middle name) could expose me to violence from (amongst others) neo-nazis. I am on their hit-list. Police have warned me.

Twente, Netherlands