A guy using a fake name was harassing me via Facebook, private messaging nasty things to people on my friends list—including outing me as HIV positive and sending x-rated photos of me—and even targeting where I work on my company’s official Facebook page.  He threatened a “hashtag campaign” against my company, even changing his profile pic to one of our branded photos.

I sent it all to Facebook, screenshots and everything, showing that this was an obvious case of someone actually using a fake profile and using Facebook for their harassment campaign.  I got two canned responses, then finally a real person.  Then the message “we have determined that this does not violate FB policies & guidelines.”  Obviously Facebook did not look at anything I sent.

While this is going on, my Sisters friends and performers are being targeted for use of “fake names” while this person is allowed to do what he was doing.  This person is still operating under the fake name, and until a few days ago was still using my work’s branded image as his profile pic.

San Francisco, CA