My account was suspended not long ago and I was asked to provide my legal name. This caused great discomfort as I had been using an alias for many reasons.

First, I feared being looked up by a certain person of the past who had me living life like I was caught in a film screen mixture of Sleeping with the Enemy and Single White Female. I jest in a way, but in actuality not really. Even if this particular person were to be blocked by me, they are the type to seek out others who are speculated to associate with me and hassle them to get to me (as studied within a friend list). So I wasn’t only protecting myself, but others I had concern for becoming involved in such trauma.

Second, I used my alias as a sort of stage name that I grew to be more recognized by rather than my real name. I began being sought after for bookings and assisted in running a business under this name. So naturally, when I was forced to change my name, many people didn’t recognize me at a name glance and I was deleted from friend lists which caused me to lose out on potential business and necessary networking related to the business.