I have been using my ‘name’ since the 8th grade—long ago, approximately 31 years! I am transgender, partially Native American, an artist, a stalking survivor, but my name was not to hide. It’s just my name. Anyone who wished to find me, would be using the name that Facebook decided was fraudulent.

Facebook has never protected me though, from trolls, exes, etc. Anyone. And I have never reported anyone except obvious animal abusers, which came to nothing. I am not going to give up all my secure and personal info to sate the NSA-like Facebook inquisition. My Facebook badges on my personal sites are showing my status as null and doling out my private email. What would they do with my passport or medical records? Needless to say, I am not an internet ‘invention.’ Signing in one day, I got a violation message for simply being and a demand for paperwork. Seven years of contacts, comments and private conversations, artwork and pictures, gone, because someone was probably angry and wanted me gone. Well, I am gone, and can reach no one about it. Would I like my account restored? Yes.

—Georgie Pendragon