For the second time, my account has been suspended because I only use my first name online, but not my unique surname. Using a mononym / single name affords me both privacy from the public and familiarity to friends. I’m the only one in the world with my full name combination, and I use my real, given first name on Facebook and elsewhere online. I am extremely easy to google, and there are details of my life I don’t want as readily known. My job in a psychiatric hospital puts me in intimate contact with now-countless strangers. I carefully guard my surname there, too. I am a private person. I’m extremely recognizable. I’ve had anonymous hate mail sent to my peers. I shouldn’t need to keep justifying myself. Omitting my surname doesn’t even violate the “real name” policy. Why the crackdown?

I’m already following this draconian policy: I am using my real name— just not all of it! The process is relentless about forcing me to put it all out there!