My name is Lady Soliloque. I am a Southern Lady, author and geek. My name is not just a pen name, it is a registered and trademarked name under which I am known, and it is recognized by the US Government, the legal system, the financial system,  my state, my city, and corporations. It is the name on all my contracts, finances, published works, and social media, as well as the name I use in everyday life.

Facebook deactivated my profile page after a disgruntled fan/acquaintance reported my profile in violation of their name policy. I laughed it off at first, but when Facebook refused to reactivate my account, even after I submitted 6 out of the 16 items on their Option 2 list of accepted IDs, I stopped laughing.

Over the course of a week, I’ve sent them scans of my credit card, a cashier’s check, my IRS registration receipt, bank statements, mail, a utility bill, a slew of other items including newspaper articles/photos, and, yesterday, I finally added a membership ID card with photo, admission date, and birth date listed.

Last night, my support dashboard status went from ‘under review’ to ‘case closed’ with no explanation or email. I reopened the case, submitted more items from the list (along with resending the proof I previously provided), asking for either my page back, or an explanation. Once again, they simply closed out my case. I reopened it, and this time sent everything again along with a copy of the APA press release that my publicist was in the process of sending out.

All my professional sites are linked to Facebook, which I’ve had for about a decade, and now I can’t access them. It’s impacting my promotions, sales, royalties, and my readers.

If I’m having a hard time with Facebook, and I have a registered, trademarked name which can used in the legal and financial system, I can certainly imagine how hard it is for performers with unregistered names, and those who wish to keep their privacy. I keep my birth name distant from my name because of run-ins with overly obsessive fans who tracked me down from overseas and started sending me Google satellite pictures of my house. How is it that the US Government, IRS, legal system, and financial institutions recognize Lady Soliloque, but Facebook won’t?

—Lady Soliloque