My name is Misha Dancing Waters. This has been my legal name since 2010. It appears on my Wisconsin driver’s license, United States passport, tax return, bank accounts, lease, and birth certificate. It is what I am called by my family and friends. It is my name. My name was a spiritual gift, given to me to guide me in my purpose and work in life. While I do have some Cree ancestry, I am not affiliated with any tribe. For many years, I have studied and worked with many tribes from North to South America. I have been honored in my life to learn from hundreds of holy people and Elders among those tribes.

On March 31, 2015, Facebook informed me that I needed to prove my identity. The validity of my name raised suspicion for some reason. I feel I should not be singled out by a discriminatory policy to prove my identity.

Facebook has harmed me financially because I cannot access my business page, Journeys With Jaguar, or the Water Spirit page I run. I have lost access to important contacts, photographs, documents, and the ability to announce upcoming events. I was unable to let all of those friends and contacts know what happened—I just disappeared.

—Misha Dancing Waters