My Facebook account was blocked a few weeks ago. I am a trans woman at the start of my transition. So I cannot do my legal name change right now (where I live, it may take a year).

I wrote to Facebook two times to tell them my story and giving them proof that except my name every information (and pictures) are real. My birthdate, school studies, work. But they said that it will be blocked until I can show them that this is my “real” name.

As I said to them, I created a Facebook account to keep touch with my friends and family during┬ámy transition. The point is that to have one place to share the informations, pictures and so on. Also I wanted them to start using my new names and have the habit to seeing it. This is why I don’t want to use my old names. This is unfortunate that this site (which is almost a monopoly of this kind) is so discriminatory against us.