The #MyNameIs Campaign is a coalition of drag and other performers, transgender people, Native Americans, immigrants, domestic violence survivors, and our allies who advocate for the reformation of Facebook’s dangerous and discriminatory “real names” policy. In October 2014, the #MyNameIs Campaign received a public apology from Facebook and a commitment to allow all users to express their “authentic identities,” however we have yet to see substantive change in the company’s policies or procedures and are continuing to apply pressure.
We’re organizing around three main demands:

1. Remove the “fake name” reporting option!  Facebook has other tools for reporting bad and dangerous activities, including harassment, impersonating someone else, or making unwanted sexual advances.  The “fake name” reporting option punishes users’ identities and is obsolete!

2. Stop asking for ID!  Many users do not have government issued identification, credit cards, or a piece of paper that reflects their true authentic identity.  Facebook can find a better way to authenticate that users are real and accountable people (not robots or people looking to do harm), such as their “trusted contacts” system which already allows users to access accounts if they forget their password.

3. Create an appeals process!   Frankly, Facebook’s customer service is non-existent.  Even though we hope fixes like #1 and #2 will help most people, there should be an easy way to get in touch with Facebook to tell your story and find a solution if things fall through the cracks.  We want to be able to talk to real people, not receive canned responses.