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Video: #MyNameIs Protest at Facebook HQ

Thanks to Cinemagical Media¬†and director¬†Kirthi Nath for this amazing video!  

SF Pride Protest Headlines

Facebook’s rainbows are not fixing its LGBTQ identity crisis CNN Money Hold the applause for Facebook’s rainbow-colored profiles, activists say The Guardian #MyNameIs: Protesters Rally Against Facebook’s “Fake Name” Policy NBC Bay Area Biz Break: Facebook shares sink amid controversies on two continents Contra Costa Times (and San Jose Mercury…

June 28: #MyNameIs at the SF Pride Parade

While we wish Facebook had been banned from marching this year as a company, we can still use the SF Pride Parade as an opportunity to raise our voices and visibility against Facebook’s unfair policy, which hurts LGBTQ communities as well as many more. Our goal is to make #MyNameIs…

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