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User Story: Anonymous

I’m a therapist who works with young adults who have serious mental illness. Some of the youth that I work with are involved in local gangs and have violent histories. Some are just overly fascinated with the therapists and social workers that are involved in their lives. I work with…

User Story: Joëlle

For the second time, my account has been suspended because I only use my first name online, but not my unique surname. Using a mononym / single name affords me both privacy from the public and familiarity to friends. I’m the only one in the world with my full name combination,…

User Story: Uncle Mikey

Last year I changed my name to Uncle Mikey, a name I use with friends and as a drag performer… but the reason I changed it is that my wife works in a mental health facility and her profile (already under a pseudonym) got seen by clients who should not have…

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