We’ve always known this isn’t just about drag queens. From domestic violence survivors to Native communities to political activists to trans youth—and beyond—many people are hurt by this policy because our identities fall outside the norms of society or we have serious needs to protect our privacy. As we step up the pressure, we’re looking for people who are willing to share their stories with us to help demonstrate the extent of the problem, and why even relying on “authentic names” is an unfair and dangerous policy. We’re hoping to better understand the diversity of experiences, and are especially looking for stories where being exposed or otherwise forced to use your legal name has—or could have—been humiliating, emotionally traumatizing, or dangerous for your personal safety or the safety of your family.

How We’ll Use Your Responses

Your privacy is yours to control. Please indicate below whether we may share your experience publicly. Even if you don’t want us to share your story publicly, gathering information about who is affected helps us to better craft our messaging.

We’re looking for people who would be willing to speak to the media and are also sharing stories on our own website and on social media. We we will not share your name or details of your story unless you clearly approve such use, we will never share your email address or profile link publicly, and we won’t share anything with the press without contacting you and receiving your permission. (Please note that press may quote stories made public on our website, though we ask that they receive permission first.) We may edit your response for clarity or length. Note that our ad-hoc coalition includes performers, activists, and volunteers, as well as representatives from local government and non-profit organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and ACLU of Northern California.

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